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Top 3 Forgotten Coast Session Locations

It’s easy to think that a location doesn’t really matter. Especially when you’re already staying right on the beach. So when I share my Top 3 Session Locations on the Forgotten Coast, I’ll also provide a little look at why location matters and how it’s relevant to each of these locations.

St. George Island State Park Landscape
Dune Overlook at St. George Island State Park

1) St George Island State Park

The island boasts one incredible beach no matter where you find yourself soaking it in but that doesn't make every spot along the water ideal for photos. The biggest factor for photos is always light which is why the orientation of the island plays a key role in finding the best photo spot.

Once your bags are unpacked and you head out for your first dinner on the island you’ll come to notice the sunset actually falls over the Bay and Sound side of the island. (Or towards the west of the island in certain seasons and if you’re staying in the Plantation.) While this makes for quite a treat for everyone staying right along the bay, it can be a bit less of a treat when looking to have pristine beach views in your photos.

Everywhere on the island you’ll find the sun settling behind the homes, except for one place, the state park. So to ensure you end up with the best of both worlds, a beautiful view of the water and the perfect light without an obstructed background this is my GO-TO location for the island.

Cape San Blas State Park on the Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of Mexico View at Cape San Blas State Park

2) Cape San Blas State Park

I won’t lie, there isn’t a spot on the entire cape that isn’t the most stunning view you can get along the Florida Panhandle. If you’ve had a chance to visit any other beach in the panhandle to compare it to, you’ll know exactly what I mean. But for those who have yet to see for themselves it’s one of the only spots that you can find a westward facing sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. (I myself had never even seen one before moving here!)

As for why the state park is so perfect, well, many people have discovered the imaculate views of the Cape. Meaning the public beaches can get pretty crowded. The State Park provides a wide open view with far fewer people than anywhere else on the Cape.

I‘d also note that on less than sunshiny days, the natural landscape of the State Park on the Cape provides a beautiful back drop. Instead of all the beach houses that would inevitably end up in the back ground when the clouds cover the sun.

Windmark Beach Public Access Pathway Through the Dunes
Pathway Through the Dunes at the Windmark Beach Public Access

3) Windmark Beach Public Access

Last but not least, the perfection that is Windmark Beach! This location is really just that. Absolutely perfect and ranks highest in my mind for a lot of reasons.

Here‘s a few:

-Almost never crowded

-Pets are welcome

-No entry fee

-Dune back ground on sunny or cloudy days

Which makes it ideal in almost all cases.

This location is just minuets from Mexico Beach where pets are no allowed to frolic in the sands with their owners. Which is no surprise to those who have visited the area before, as the beach can get pretty crowded.

In conclusion, you can see there are some pretty telling reasons to stick with the suggested locations when booking a photo session along the Forgotten Coast. It’s truly to provide the best possible end result to each and every client.

by Kelsey Weeks


Lady K Designs LLC

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