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Windmark Beach Port St. Joe FL | Sangster Anniversary

The Sangster couple decided to take a trip to Mexico Beach Florida for their anniversary, without their three kiddos in tow. Well, minus their furry baby that they just had to include, but who could blame them. Just look at her!

Miss Millie was looking just as refined as mom and dad for her close up with the little pink bedazzled flower on her collar. If I remember correctly, she also had a pretty fresh trim.

This session was the first session I had after learning about Katelyn James, a photography educator, who's webinar I attended during early spring. It was exactly what I needed and filled in all the gaps I felt like I was missing as far as light goes. Because sadly, as much as I knew about light, I just couldn't put my finger on this every time in went to edit.

All that in mind I love to reflect on this gallery and all I have learned. Even more so, how far I've come in such a short time. This session was just early last year and my style has completely transformed in a way that I've fallen entirely in love with. What's fascinating is this session isn't all that different as far as editing goes from what I do now. The key is that I stopped taking sunset or "golden hour" sessions. This one small adjustment to the time I shoot has created a consistency I could not have attained otherwise. I've also really found what speaks to my heart when it comes to color and light.

You'll see what I mean soon enough.

Much Love + God Bless

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