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2020 In Summary

Much to my surprise, Lady K Designs experienced a massive uptick in business, even in the midst of moving to Apalachicola back in February and then we all know what followed suit shortly after. I still haven't quite put my finger on the "how" of it all. Maybe it was the tenacity I had to not let my business fail when moving from my home town, or perhaps not having a day job to distract me from the tasks that needed to be done better in my business. Then again, I'm a lady of faith, so I chalk most of it up to God and His provision.

When Ken and I moved, I knew good and well we did not have the right habits in place to make it on one income, much less one smaller than most teacher salaries. I carry a lot of pride around being capable of taking care of at least what's "mine." Car payment, previous debts, and various necessities. Within less than a year I was able to pay for all of those things on my own again. (I saved money from my library job before we moved, so that helped too!) Have I been able yo pay for a vacation or upgrade every piece of equipment I have yet? Well no, but savings is in the works, and I'm proud of that.

Throughout the year I learned a TON. More than I really thought I didn't already know. It would be blatantly obvious too if I showed pictures from last year compared to this year. I studied, and practiced and honed my craft beyond what I thought I was capable of this "early" in my career. (I know I'm not even finished!) I've created my own custom editing method that works with almost every single session I photograph. When clients book sessions I only photograph during a certain time frame to guarantee they receive a consistent product. Even my posing and cues have changed drastically. All of which have been learned in implemented in the last year. I've even gotten really skilled at book keeping. I'm pretty sure my CPA is really thankful.

There are a plethora of goals I have for the new year and I'll share many of them over time and I'll do my best to remain transparent about whether or not I meet them. Being a small business owner is though, yet very fulfilling, because with each obstacle you overcome, you're that much farther into it. You rise that much higher and climb that much harder because the higher up you get the less you will want to let go.

A few of my favorite sessions from 2020:


Casey + Chase at Windmark Beach Florida for an anniversary session, Mary + Noah in their personal apartment to document their first place together, Amy + Bradley's Engagement Session at Coldwater Gardens, and Annabeth + Todd at Coldwater Gardens for their Engagement Session.


Spicer Family at St. George Island State Park, Quinn Family at Cape San Blas State Park in Florida, Family at St. George Island State Park, Goldberg Family at St. George Island State Park Florida.

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