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Durham Extended Family | The Plantation St. George Island Florida

Like many travelers to St. George Island, the Durham family was staying in the Plantation on the west end of the island. They invited me out to their private vacation rental to photograph their extended family.

I was reminded what a small world it can be in learning that the Durham family has recently relocated to my home town from across the country. While this may be "common" for people from big cities, it's certainly a surprise to someone like myself from a small town. (Especially now living in an even smaller town and meeting people from all over!)

Typically the Plantation is one of my least favorite locations to photograph, but we got very lucky with this home because of the empty lot next door. That lot provided just enough of a gap to let the perfect amount of light fall where we needed it. The extra large dune hid the adjacent homes and made for an ideal backdrop for this extended family.

I've always held a preference for natural landscapes over developed areas. If you've spent any time viewing my work you've likely noticed a pattern with how I photograph my families. There's always an emphasis to the landscape, especially on the Florida beaches. Don't be surprised if you end up with a portrait or two where you can hardly tell who's in the photograph, or a handful of still life's I took at your session location.

I hold the belief that there's a reason you chose to visit or live here along the Gulf Coast. It's part of my job to encapsulate this beautiful place, with your family in it, and create unique one of a kind art.

As my artistry continues to develop the landscape becomes more and more a part of my creative process.

Still-life's and landscape works from my sessions, like the one above, can be found in the Gallery Shop for purchase.

I try not to be stingy with my work and love sharing various photographs for others to purchase as pieces for their own homes as well.

Much Love + God Bless

Kelsey Weeks


Lady K Designs LLC

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