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Favorite Family Looks from 2021

Let me start by saying, these favorites are based on my personal taste and what I consider to have been a great look for various reasons. I’ll do my best to explain what made each combination great in my eyes and a tiny note on what could have made them even better. These will be in no particular order and should be seen as education only. No bias against one person's style over another. Everyone has their own style and taste, this is just mine!

The Talley Family

If you‘ve kept up with me on any platform you likely know I have a preference for neutrals. I just can’t help it! They photograph and edit beautifully and I truly feel they keep the focus on the family and not their clothing choices. Not to mention the flexibility it gives when using the images for decorative purposes around your home.


I loved the use of two patterns without it being too much on the eye! The more muted shades of blue ended up perfect for this cloudy day on the cape, while ensuring there was just the right amount of color to make them pop.


I‘ve never been a big fan of pink, but this family really nailed this shade. Once again, the cloudy weather on the Cape provided the perfect opportunity for this pink to shine. Having mom and dad coordinate so well made their couples portraits stand out and I really loved that. When you take the time to ensure your look pairs well with your spouse first and foremost (yes, over the children) it can actually make a huge impact on the overall presentation of your final images.



All there needed to be was a touch more green in place of some of the white and this family would have been perfectly balanced. Along with a lighter shade of jeans for dad this extended family would have completely knocked it out of the park!


My number one no-no is navy. That’s it. This set of friends had the perfect combination going to be sure everyone paired together nicely for the group photos and for just their immediate families. Dark colors like navy just aren’t my favorite for the beach.


All in all I served some pretty wonderful families in 2021 and I couldn’t begin to express how thankful I am to have the privilege of photographing such wonderful people. No matter their style choice, no matter the tears so littles cry, or the less than enthusiastic teens, I love what I do. What I truly love most though, is meeting every person, getting to know even a small detail about them that I can hold on to forever.

I can tell you something I know about every single family I’ve photographed. There‘s part of me that loves each person from each family that I’ve served.

I’ve thought many times about writing blogs about the families I meet, but honestly, their stories aren’t mine to share. I’m let in on secrets, like new babies, I have marriage advice given to me, and I hear the frustrated parent with their child about 20 feet away. Clients invite me into their lives for just a brief time, but I learn so much. My heart connects with their stories.

They may be dressed to impress every time, but underneath it all, they are still people ready to be loved. What a blessing to get to do just that.

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