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Kozy Koastal Mini Session Favorites 2021 | Lady K Designs

A series of neutral mini sessions on Cape San Blas Florida at the T.H. Stone Memorial State Park.

These minis, that I now classify as "petite" sessions, are rooted in a few different things. I've personally always felt as through any photographs you have taken should have more than a seasonal limit for display, not everyone celebrates Christmas, and I love offering portraits that are quick and easy during busier times of the year.

Let's start by covering the obvious! The overall look and presentation of sessions like this gives sooo much room for flexibility in how you dress yourself or your family. No need to overly coordinate or have the exact same type of plaids. (Granted I make styling a breeze anyway with my Kozy Koastal Petite Style Guide.) Keeping things neutral provides the opportunity to display these photographs beyond the season they were taken. Especially in Florida where you may not necessarily need a sweater for these sessions. (Though highly encouraged as Kozy is in the name!)

While I grew up celebrating Christmas, our family has been led to put less emphasis on this particular holiday. It's more important to us that we place more focus on the biblical holy days. All that being said, I know our family isn't alone! After entering a messianic congregation I knew this was what business people would call "a hole in the market." I took the leap to try and fill this small void.

Let's be completely honest, we don't all have time every single season or year for a full family session. (And all the momma's said "Amen.") Maybe you just want some portraits of you and your sweetheart even though you just did family photos in the spring. This is a simple way to make that possible. Even with a shorter session time, these galleries still fulfill the desire for stunning photographs.

As I move forward with the Kozy Koastal portion of the Lady K brand I hope to serve even more families

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