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Curating a Cohesive Space Through Meaningful Art

Most of us have done it, we order these beautiful canvases of our family to then realize they don't quite pair with the art that already adorns our walls.
No big deal, we hop online or seek out some generic pieces at Homegoods or Kirklands. There's still just this inkling, it's not meaningful, you don't know who made that piece or anything about where it came from so it's really nothing special.
I refuse to operate under the narrative that photography is one or the other... Art or Portraiture, when it most certainly can be both. Which is why every Lady K client is provided with one-of-a-kind photographic art taken on the day of their session at the very same location. Varying from landscapes, nature and wildlife imagery based on your specific session and what is present that day.
The vision is to provide each client the opportunity to create and design gallery walls in their homes and spaces that are cohesive in color and overall presentation without the hassle of sourcing each individual piece.
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