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Boucher Extended Family | Cape San Blas Florida Photographer

As a family photographer on Cape San Blas Florida, extended family sessions are one of my top inquires. I love every bit of photographing multi-generational families on the beach.

For some their annual beach vacation is one of the only times of the year the whole familiy gets to see one another. While I can't even begin to imagine what that reunion must feel like, it's a privilege to be even a small part of documenting that time.

This particular family may have some familiar faces from a few posts back. The Bouchers brought their extended family down for this round of photographs. Which just goes to show, you truly can never have enough photographs of your family. There's truly no better way to do so than an Extended family session. This is the most cost effective way in my opinion, splitting the investment and saving all the extra time of trying to plan photos for everyone separately. I mean who wouldn't want grandma there anyway?!?

I do believe there is one key factor in making the most of an extended family session. Choosing a photographer that will go above and beyond to ensure everyone is served as best as humanly possible. From wardrobe planning, to capturing variety in portraits of small groups and the whole family. This is part of why I don't limit the length of my sessions, we work to ensure every pairing that's important to your family is covered, and a little extra with our candid series.

We make time for everything during an extended family session, like portraits of kiddos with each of their parents and photos of just mom and dad. These joyful kiddos will always have these precious moments with their family to look back on.

To finish off, we have two of my favorite still life photographs. These are available as art pieces for your home or office in my Art Gallery.

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