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Cape San Blas Florida | Shultz Family Session

This family was nervous from the moment they arrived that their little one would be a little rebellious, and while they were correct, I didn't let that stop us from capturing a fair number of truly beautiful photographs. You'd probably never guess how truly upset this little boy got.

I LOVE family session success stories like this because it sets a great example for other families of young ones. The key was letting go. Not pushing him to stand still or stop playing but having everyone follow his lead. It can feel very much against our nature as adults, especially as parents. This approach can leave the kiddos feeling far more comfortable in front of the camera and catches them off guard a bit because their actions aren't inciting an emotional response from you. Which is BORING for them, so they just find something else to do. All that negative energy just hits a soft cushion instead of bouncing back and stirring up all those intense kiddo feelings even more.

Our second "refocus" tactic with this little man was his beach toys. He loved getting to do what one would normally be doing on the beach, playing! This brought his guard down even further and eventually I snagged a few photos with little to no tears and some good quality snuggles with mama.

As always, I have to get at least one more artsy photograph that gets deemed a favorite, this doodle definitely did it. The tide was super low this day and it made playing in the subtle waves so much fun for their furry family member.

You'd probably never guess this public beach spot was uber crowded! We had our own little section of sand that parted the tide just enough to keep all those lounging and combing the sands out of frame.

What do you think? Should this pooch be in the shop? Any doodle lovers out there?

Leave a comment and share with me!

Much Love + God Bless

Kelsey Weeks

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