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Davis Extended Family Portrait Session | Mexico Beach, Florida

A quick 5 minute drive from Mexico Beach Florida is this gem of a spot called Windmark Beach. Just inside of Gulf County lines it's a pet friendly beach making it the perfect spot to bring this family's best friend, a red coated golden retriever.

Emily (the momma) connected with me in one of my favorite photography education groups on Facebook. She posted about looking for a family photographer in the Port St. Joe area, and I was the only one in the group!

I was over the moon to be photographing another photographer! (Which oddly enough isn't common in our industry to actually WANT to photograph another photographer.) I took it as the highest compliment, because I must be doing *something* right for her to be happy to book.

As a fellow golden owner I was so excited to have their family pup there for the portraits. He was sooo well behaved and great with his little sister.

Emily's parents were down with them for this stay on Mexico Beach, so she brought them allow for photos with their grand baby. Which is by far on of my favorite connections to capture. Grandparents and their grandchildren.

As I'm sure you've noticed by now, Emily did a STUNNING job coordinating the entire family. Which is another reason I adore photographing fellow photographers. (Or anyone who loves to get dressed up!)

Originally we were supposed to have the session on the beach in the little town portion of this place called Windmark just up the road. But I sent a text to Emily the night before and asked her to trust me because I had just found another spot in Windmark where these stunning flowers were blooming. It certainly worked out and made for the most dreamy backdrop.

To make sure we ended up with some family photos of just the three of them I brought along my pet handler to their session. (Available and sometimes required for anyone who books a session with pets included.)

This Windmark Beach Family Session was absolutely stunning and it's a connection I feel privileged to have!

Much Love + God Bless

Kelsey Weeks


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