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Grace + Ben Honeymoon | Windmark Beach Florida

Photographing newly weds was not something I anticipated along the Forgotten Coast. It seems though that there are more couples choosing this quieter portion of Florida for their romantic getaways. I can't say I blame them, there is something truly intimate about a far less crowded beach and no unnecessary hustle to do do do. The truth is, it's nice to just be. Without all the distractions that come with other coastal towns and cities.

I was so excited when Grace reached out to me and shared about their post wedding plans. They would be spending their honeymoon on St. George Island. A less than ideal curveball was thrown our way the week of their visit thought; the red tide. While red tide isn't exactly a reason to cancel a session, it's definitely not enjoyable. The odor is putrid and not something you want to breathe in for extended periods of time. (I was also pregnant at the time, so it really wasn't a fun for me.)

The happy couple was willing to trust me when I told them there was a spot a short distance away with less dead fish and not as affected by the red tide. So we moved their session location to Windmark Beach, about 40 minutes from their island stay. This short little trip gave them the opportunity to see more of our beautiful hidden coast. They passed through the small towns of Apalachicola, and Port St. Joe on their way, both of which have great restaurants and little shops.

This sweet couple now has a little one of their own! It just blows my mind how quickly time passed and life unfolds. Which is why it's important to document as much as you can for all the important milestones and seasons of life. The whole reason I pursued family portraiture is to provide families, and all of those in the family, with timeless photographs they can all enjoy for years to come. Maybe this year you've brought your first little one earth side? Or it's your parents 50th anniversary. Each of these are meaningful parts of your families legacy. They all need to be documented, and doing so artfully is just the icing on the cake.

I hope you'll take the next opportunity to celebrate your families milestones, or simply document this season of life with a portrait session.

Much Love + God Bless

Kelsey Weeks


Lady K Designs LLC

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