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Jordan Couple | St. George Island State Park Florida

Top photograph from this session. THAT ONE.

I wish the landscape looked like this more often on St. George Island, but that's the only downfall of the beach. The sand, dunes and all that inhabits them are at the mercy of the weather. Only a month after this session these beautiful green bushes were wiped out by a tropical storm.

Thank goodness the plant life often regrows, but only over time. I am always on the lookout though for scenes like this to utilize for portrait sessions.

Also, still totally obsessed with the choice of dress for this session! The touch of sparkle just elevated the entire look.

I LOVE, love.

And I also love still-lifes and landscapes. If you love these too, check out the St. George Island Gallery Shop.

Much Love + God Bless

Kelsey Weeks


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