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McCord + Reich Families | Cloudy Cape San Blas State Park Extended Family Session

A set of close friends have an extended family session on Cape San Blas at the Florida State Park.

YES, If you and your best friends are all on vacation together, you can absolutely JUST book an Extended Family Session to share! It's actually easier and wayyy more fun for all the kiddos. As I work through each series of poses the families can take turns, which helps give each set of children a break and keep them on their toes and engaged throughout the process.

I've since learned it can be super fun to have the other family come and make funny faces at the family being photographed.


Even with some totally wild wind we were able to capture some stunning portraits of each family. Cape San Blas often has lighter water than it's nearby counterpart St. George Island. The stormy weather had the water stirred up just enough that the aqua hue wasn't quite there. We still made the most with what God gave us and just opted for more movement to hide the wind. It also provided a great opportunity for a bit more of a dramatic affect with the larger waves.


This little babe at the end was so precious, she seriously melted my heart. She was so petite and had me imagining how my future baby might look. I loved having the opportunity to serve two families at once.

Much Love + God Bless

Kelsey Weeks


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