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St. George Island Florida | McWatters Extended Family Session

The McWatters family had the ideal late July summer session on St. George Island. This Extended Family was blessed with overcast and no wind during the hottest part of the summer.

One would probably think that overcast or cloudy days would be less desirable, but in the heat of the summer, you count your blessings and appreciate that the sun isn't melting your makeup even in the evening hours. Having the sun hidden behind the clouds also allowed for little to no squinty eyes!

Let's pause for just a moment... look at this beach. Have you seen anything so perfect? I mean even the sand looks whiter than usual for St. George Island. The greens were at their peak summer shades and sprawling across the sand. The waves were hardly rolling onto the beach with any force. It was truly a family session day of dreams.

Any time I see clouds on the forecast, I get a little giddy inside, while I love the sunshine and blue skies, something about the perfection a completely overcast day allows inspires me. So, if you're nervous about the possibility of a cloudy session day, don't you worry! Your session will be even BETTER that way. Especially on St. George Island.

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Much Love + God Bless

Kelsey Weeks


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