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Storm Swept

In finally making a photographer friend in our new town, we both find out, out of the blue, that she would be moving!

{ My Luck }

Though I know it was a huge blessing for her and her family, I can't help still being a little bummed.

Our connection did end up bringing the little blessing of this session here. My almost photographer bestie had committed to a giveaway session with one absolutely stellar couple from Tallahassee. Since her move was so last minute she turned to me with confidence I could provide a similar product to her work for the couple. I was honored and being new to town, was also very thrilled to not be forced to start up some awkward conversations with random locals online asking them to model for me.

Granted, due to weather and the like I had to reschedule twice! As tropical storm Rene and Hurricane Paulette made land fall with Hurricane Sally following swiftly behind, we were coming up on our 3rd scheduled date. I couldn't reschedule again. So we took the leap and went with it.

Storm waves crashing on the shore. Wild wind and endless cloudcover. I had never seem St. George Island look quite like this. Florida knows how to take a beating from these gulf storms and treat it like a facelift. The colors of the sand erred on that of the dessert. The wind had wisped away every grain of dusty white sand leaving carvings of red and orange shell behind. The waves left behind their own remnants in pools smattering the entire beach. It was some kind of magnificent.

It was quite the unique circumstance, that resulted in a rather epic session. Is is still my best work? No. Does it represent my ideal style? No. Do I still love it? Absolutely!


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