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T.H. Memorial State Park | Cloudy Cape San Blas FL Immediate Family Session

The Gentry Family traveled to Cape San Blas for a family beach vaction and decided to plan a Family Portrait session during their stay.

The relationship Brittany had with her husband was so sweet, and in turn the relationships they share with their children was amazing. I loved watching how comfortable they were loving on each other and being totally their goofy quirky selves.

Something I really loved about this session was the choice to wear pink! It's not often any of us mommas can get our hubbies to wear that color. This dad was ready and willing and that all looked dang good because of it! Pink is seriously Brittany's color and she just glowed thanks to her husband's cooperation!

I mean just look how good they look together! Gahhh, I just adored this family. Their son had me laughing the entire session and her sweet daughter, though shy was happy to follow my cues and love on her family as needed.

My two favorite still life's from this session, one of some dainty pink flowers and the other of a lone palm. Both are available in the Gallery Shop as a part of my growing art collection built by gifting landscapes and still life's to every client.

Much Love + God Bless

Kelsey Weeks


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