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The Wallenfelz Family | Apalachicola + St. George Island Extended Family Session

There is no hesitation when I admit I was terribly nervous for this session. I had gotten comfortable with the beach and this particular location (in my mind) at the time was far less picturesque than the dunes and gulf side views.

Sure, I could have said I wasn't the right fit for the job, but I needed this challenge, and I knew it. Then in hearing the long history Mrs.Wellenfelz' family had with Apalachicola, I had to get to know them all.

Off to the Scipio Creek Marina we went to start off their extended family session.

For a first round at a Marina, I was pretty satisfied with the end result! I wish I had felt a bit more confident in front of the boats themselves to begin with because those turned out the best by far. More with the shrimp boats would have been ideal.

I was blessed to know we would transition to the beach too... just in case. It's a good thing too, because once this little man was let loose in the sand, he became my favorite. (I mean come on, look how cute!) These three looked like they were ready for an afternoon on the boat.

To conclude we've got two of my favorite still-life photographs from the day. One of the many boats that intimidated me and an array of findings from a small bout of beach combing.

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