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Willis Extended Family | St. George Island Florida

I'm going to preface this by saying these clouds and sky were my favorite of the entire year in 2021. This sky is one I try to emulate every chance I get. The artist in me is mesmerized by the colors and soft white glow.

Then there is this photograph... the one I have put on the pedestal of my career for the past two years. It's literally a painting and I'm absolutely obsessed. (I have a goal of actually painting this scene in the next 5 years.) The entire session was art, but I mean dang. Just look at it!

Okay, continuing on. This entire family was a breeze to work with, even with all the kiddos. What truly made a difference for them was that all the adults allowed them to play here and there to help let that energy out as needed. The extra dose of freedom also provided me with ample opportunity to capture plenty of candid photographs and real moments exchanged between the family members.

As always I've got a landscape for the ages to finish this blog off... this one is also in the art gallery shop. St. George Island Florida and the State Park never cease to amaze me. I cannot believe I live so close to one of the most beautiful beaches on the Florida Coast.

Much Love + God Bless

Kelsey Weeks


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