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Windmark Beach Community | Mass Family

I giggle now looking back on the inquiry that came in from Jim. While I'm sure men inquire for sessions all the time, I had yet to receive one and I was a bit nervous. I'm sad to say, but the amount of scammers out there reaching out to photographers would actually blow your mind.

So much to my relief when I arrived to Windmark Beach, a sweet little family of 3 approached me. The mom just beaming as this session was a surprise for her! Jim had only told her of their plans earlier that day. When I tell you I was just giddy to see such a sweet gesture from her husband I mean it.

If you hadn't already guessed, that's Jim there in the middle receiving all the love from his two favorite ladies in the world.

I asked Jim to run up behind his wife to give her a big bearhug and little miss was less than impressed. She had no interest in having mommy "tackled" and ran in to save the day!

The sun ended up vibrantly golden as the clouds drifted on over to create a unique sunset scape that made for a warm cozy end to this summer session. I'm always fascinated by the progression of Florida weather from the beginning to the end of a session. It can change in an instant and this evening was no exception. Clear skies for miles to a warm golden, hazy overcast.

Windmark Beach is like a simplified version of 30A without all the crowds and that alone makes it one of my favorite little spots to photograph. Just up the road there's an even more picturesque spot I can't wait to show you all!

Much Love + God Bless

Kelsey Weeks

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