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Anderson Family | Dr. Julian G. Bruce State Park on St. George Island

The Start Park on St. George Island is my favorite place to Family Photo Sessions and the Anderson Family's was no exception.

There's no way I could forget the dad's name from this family, it's the same as my dad, Keith! That's probably my favorite way to remember the names of my clients is to try to think of anyone I know with that name. I hate to admit, I usually remember all the kids the best, and rarely remember every adult. I suppose it makes sense though, because I typically spend most of the session getting each kid's attention and calling parents Mom + Dad.

This mid Summer session was so much fun and I felt so comfortable with the Andersons', their girls were so sweet and happy to do any of the poses or activities I suggested. At the end they pulled out the most adorable matching hats to take a few photos in them. I absolutely loved changing things up, and this small set of portraits are ones I hope these girls look back on 15 years from now with great fondness. The bond of a sister runs deep and deserves to be artfully captured in this way.

I can just imagine them sharing a bedroom and having a this one printed on a large canvas hung on the wall!

As for my more Still Life Photographs from this St. George Island State Park session, I have only two. I love how the delicate pink flowers actually pair beautifully with the bohemian look and shades of pink in their pastel tie-dye dresses. This would actually provide the perfect opportunity to create a collage of hanging art from this session in a perfectly cohesive way.

Much Love + God Bless

Kelsey Weeks


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