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Why You DON’T Need a Full Hour

There seems to be this idea that you’re not getting your money’s worth without a full hour long session. While also pushing to cram in every possible photo you can during that time.

This kind of pressure can be a lot on everyone there. Iritated partners, disinterested kiddos and even me.

We believe in flexibility with our sessions, but the most important part of this, is that you feel confident putting your trust in me. That I will take every photo and that you will love the final gallery with plenty of photos to choose from reguardless of how much time it took to get them.

Cape San Blas Florida Family Photo Session
Cape San Blas Family Session Wrapped Up in 30 Minutes

A great adult family (everyone over 15-18) can be finished up in 30mins or less. While a family of 6 with a screeching toddler may need an extra 15 minutes to help lower the stress of everyone and especially the kiddo. Families of 15 or more tend to need ever more time to ensure everyone involved gets at least one or two photos they really love.

Cape San Blas Florida Extended Family Session
Extended Family Session on Cape San Blas

Every family and scenario is different, which is why I typically opt not to limit time on any of my sessions. But I also don’t set a minimum either. Your family very well may need the full 2 hours before the sun sets to make sure the littlest members who threw a fit at the beginning get photos taken with mom and dad. Or you may find your teens do so well that we really get everything done in 15mins and spend the other 15 just chatting.

I can’t stand rushing. It’s just not conducive to a really great session which can lead to less than desirable final images. (None of us want that!)

So when you show up to your session, breathe, and know that I have a process. From start to finish there is a plan in place, even when it feels like chaos because someone is eating sand or refuses to smile for the camera.

Cape San Blas Florida Family Photo Session
Not all little ones want to participate.

Here’s how a typical session goes:

1) Welcomes and Hellos

2) Formal, Classic Poses with almost every grouping

3) Formal Pose Requests

4) Candid and Documentary Style Pairings and Cues

5) Water Play for Everyone

6) Final Requests and Conversation

7) Head Back to Cars and Goodbyes

Not every session goes perfectly, and some things get shifted to accommodate little ones more often than not. Toddlers have a tendency to act out when meeting new people, so standing still might not be best to start. Maybe your 6 year old has a mind of her own and refuses to pose at all. Life happens, this is the stage she’s in right now, and there is nothing wrong with documenting her, here and now. Next year she may be the epitome of well behaved, but this year it’s just not happening. Don’t allow her attitude to ruin the experience for everyone else. She very well may come around by the end of the session.

by Kelsey Weeks


Lady K Designs LLC

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