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Windmark Beach Port St. Joe FL | The Bergthold's

This is the beginning, at least pretty much, I'm going back in time by almost two years to start sharing blog posts that include as many sessions as I can.

The Bergtholds are the first of many, and I really felt they would be the best starting point. Back in late 2020 after we all were starting to be set free from the confines of our homes, my dear husband was meeting with students from his drone education courses. One of those students was Derek. The male counterpart to the Bergthold duo, who happened to have a fair amount in common with my #sweetkenneth. Katie, the bubbly wife of Derek, tagged along to the school with him one day and noticed a Young Living box in the back corner of the room. (It was left over from our move earlier in the year.) That was an undeniable connection point for Katie that meant we must have a least one other thing in common.

Ironically enough, Ken called me on his way home saying, "I made us some friends today and you're going to love them!" We all went to dinner later that week and the rest was history. (So cliche I know.) It's true, becoming friends with the Bergthold's was so easy. The love all the natural things like us when it comes to wellness, Derek and Ken both have an affinity for aviation while Katie and I both can talk faith for hours.

Come April of 2021, I just had to get them in front of my lens! I knew I needed more for my portfolio in the area and who better than our newest friends. So I reached out and set it up, Katie was THRILLED to say the least and I was just as happy. Especially because I had rented a camera set up I was already dying to purchase but wanted to be sure it was exactly what I was searching for.

We opted to go a bit more casual for their secluded beach session in Port St. Joe Florida. The spot we chose was about 10mins from downtown PSJ and no more than 10 mins from Mexico beach. It's maintained by Windmark Beach, an up-and-coming 30A mock-up for the Port St. Joe area. The main beach can be a bit crowded so this off the radar spot was ideal for our cloudy afternoon couples session.

Here's to more session blogging!

Much Love + God Bless Friends

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