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Wisley Extended Family | Cape San Blas Florida

Extended Families on Cape San Blas here in Florida are always a treat for me as a family photographer on the coast.

While this day was a tad cloudy, it honestly gave the sky a heavenly glow. Which for this particular families attire of mostly white made it all come together.

This family was full of personality and joy! You could just feel the love mom and dad had for each other, not to mention all eyes were on mom, she looked stunning in this shade of green. Her kiddos were perfect sports and loved on mom when I needed them too while never missing an opportunity to be themselves.

I'm voting for more skirts on mommas this year! It was pretty magical to say the least and the movement the skirt provided in these images was just perfect.

The Wisley's carried themselves with class, especially having mom in this sleek white jumper. You could tell big brother was all about the fun, and we all survived the almost bedtime for little brother.

There were certainly some gems in this gallery for both families to treasure far into the future.

Of course we got a handful of the classic beach sitting photos with a slight twist of course to keep the kiddos engaged. My intention is to always have a few photos for mom and a few photos the kids will look back on and enjoy.

Cape San Blas is the most family friendly beach vacation destination in my book. If you've never been, it's absolutely worth the drive from Panama City (the nearest airport!).

The last stilllife palm tree photograph is available in the online gallery shop for Cape San Blas. Originally this photograph was gifted to the Wisley in their complete gallery. I love that I can offer a beautiful and timeless work of art that is photographed on the very same day of their session. It ties together the series of photographs of their family so well.

Much Love + God Bless

Kelsey Weeks


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